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Re: 8000 links over night appeared on this site. google error?

__/ [Marco] on Friday 28 October 2005 11:39 \__

> http://www.ibes.pl/
> This site belongs to a friend of mine.  He did nothing to build links
> or optimizes it. Then one day google reported 8000+ links and he has a
> PR6.  We both do not know what happened. We are both very honest in
> terms of SEO. We just are trying to figure out how google game him 8000
> links and a PR6 over night! And it has been about a month now.

Having gone through these links, it seems as though many blogs are pointing
at that site. I haven't descended to these blogs and ensured there was no
mistake, but it sure seems like good accumulation of IBL's from genuine
blogrolls (not only blogs nonetheless).

Be aware that public display of backlinks in Google gets updated once in
about 40-50 days, so the overnight changes is not out of the blue. 0 -> 8000
hump, however, would raise some red alarms at the Google headquarters. I
would not worry...

I hope this post was not an obscure type of self-promotion...


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