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Re: frames and SEO

__/ [wd] on Saturday 29 October 2005 07:38 \__

> I'm trying to come up with a good list of reasons for talking people out
> of using frames.  Can anyone think of other reasons to add?
> * Indexing of individual frames instead of the frameset.  Unpredictable.
> * Outgoing links (which can affect rankings) found on different individual
> frames.  It makes things less predictable.
> * Will the search engines see duplicate content if an entire frameset is
> indexed with one URL while the same content is indexed as an individual
> frame with a different URL?  Seems unpredictable.
> * any others?

The subject has been discussed to death (almost literally so). Here is one
among thousands of pages which explain why frames must noever be used (at
least not in newly-created sites):


This FAQ comes from alt.html where no month goes by without a huge thread
developing which discusses how terrible frames can be. When you see the word
frame in the subject line, the inclination is to hit 'ignore' because it can
carry on forever.

Hope it helps,


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