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Re: Allintext Algo @ Google

__/ [Jo] on Saturday 29 October 2005 06:33 \__

> Page Rank is just one factor of many that google takes into
> consideration when deciding how high to list your site. Generally during
> whatever algo they're running one of the many factors takes presidence
> over the others but it's still a combonation of them all that gives
> higher listing. The perfect site does well in all these many factors and
> never drops very low during algo changes.
> Some of these factors are based on:
> 1. allintext (the algo now)
> 2. allinurl
> 3. allintitle
> 4. allinanchor

Interesting  contention.  Have you got references/links to support  it?  I
have never heard it before and judging by the compactness of the terms, it
sounds as if someone coined these already.

The major question to figure out and answer (maybe reverse-engineering the
algorithms) remains: what weight is assigned to each of (1)-(4). There are
even  more  factors  to  consider. Don't forget  that  results  pages  are
hand-tweaked,  for  instance, while some sites are banned (and some  would
argue sandboxed too).

__/ [Big Bill] on Saturday 29 October 2005 11:35 \__

> On Sat, 29 Oct 2005 05:38:21 GMT, Jo <joann32@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>I would say the present google algo is one where allintext is given much
>>more weight then anything else. If you do an allintext search using any
>>search term(s) you'll see the sites that are coming up the highest in
>>the present algo. But one thing puzzles me with allintext, that is what
>>exactly does google mean by allintext other then the obvious which is
>>keywords listed on the page? I can see sites with less keywords being
>>used on their page being listed higher then ones using more and this is
>>at an allintext search mind you, not a regular general search. So what
>>else is there to allintext in google's way of thinking? I know if your
>>site comes up high in anallintext search it will also come up high in
>>the present algo.

Don't  forget that the order of the terms (usually words) matters a  great
deal  too.  It's about flow and proximity between words as much as  it  is
about their existence. Today I read an interesting little item:


Have a look, for example, at:


In  WordPress, Matt insisted on having the site title at the end, with  an
arrow  pointing left to the page title. This applies to hundreds of  thou-
sands of pages.

> You not getting muddled with anchor text?
> BB

That  was actually mentioned in the post above (imported from a  different


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