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Re: quote mark turns into question mark

__/ [TerryD] on Sunday 30 October 2005 19:48 \__

> Hi All,
> I can go to a certain website then highlight and copy some text along with
> quotemarks.  I can paste that clipboard contents into a Knode composition
> window and it looks 100% -- just like the original article.  When I post my
> copied material, the quote marks turn into question marks.  Question marks
> in the copied material turn out normal.
> Any idea what I need to do to fix this?

I experience the same problem on occasions. I use KNode and I often quote
snippets from articles that are properly viewable in the Web browser. The
'fancy' quotes appear fine (ones where the right-hand and left-hand
quotation marks are distinguishable) until posted and then viewed.

Whether only KNode is unable to render/interpret these, I do not know for
sure, but I suspect not. I suppose that the best thing to do is to remember
to manually change these quotes before posting. These are fine for HTML
encodings and I agree that KNode should not render things in the 'compose'
window if these would not be gracefully accepted by the news servers. It is
somewhat misleading as WYSINWYG.


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