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Re: Making a link to a different port

__/ [Ryan Garnier] on Monday 31 October 2005 12:24 \__

> Thanks for answering!
> I use Apache, in port 80. Then I have Helix Server for streaming media,
> in port 8888.
> When I create a normal link in a webpage I use:
> <a href="./link.html">Link</a>
> But now I have to specify the port number (8888). If I do
> <a href="http://localhost:8888/file>Link</a>
> it doesn't work, of course. People who visit my page view this link as
> localhost. I don't know how to refer to my own IP without specifying
> localhost.

Well, by serving people a page with "localhost", you give no indication of
where  the  Helix Server actually resides. "Localhost" would be useful  if
you   gave  the  user  a  tool  for  investigating/probing   his/her   own
workstation/network properties.

Have  you tried specifying an IP address? Have you disabled firewalls  for
port  8888?  If you need a proxy to access your page from London,  let  me
know. I have an open proxy (password-protected) on my server.

> Thanks and sorry for my English.

Your English is great. Haven't spotted anything awkward...


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