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Re: What next for a Tungsten T user?

__/ [b33k34@xxxxxxxxxxx] on Monday 31 October 2005 13:18 \__

> My TungstenT is nearing end of life mainly because the digitizer now
> requires resetting at least daily.  What are my options?

My digitizer started showing some signs of wear. it started approximately 2
weeks ago. It doesn't give me a hard time /yet/, but then again, my Tungsten
T is only a 1-year-old device.

As for your options, the Tungsten X appears like a good next step. To me, it
doesn't appear like an upgrade as I don't need many of the features, as well
as the larger size (pocket space).


> I still maintain that the older, monochrome, V500 (?) was the best PDA
> that Palm made - form factor and battery life were spot on. ...

I sorely miss my M130, which happily lies in a cradle, not practically used
by anyone. A poor digitizer was the reason it had to 'retire'. Digitizers
can in principle be replaced:


> ... However,
> it was slow and didn't have bluetooth and since i now use my phone
> extensively with my TT that is a requirement (for dialing numbers from
> contacts and for email).
> So i need:
> - bluetooth
> - decent email client
> - good battery life.
> - Wifi would be nice - i could use it as a remote control for my Slim
> Squeezebox music players at home.
> What i dont care about - music, video, photo viewing.

I guess the Zire series is definitely out of the question then. The Tungsten
X seems like a strong candidate.

> The new TX looks OK but is there anything else i should look at, is it
> worth trying to get my TT fixed (the screws are coming loose at the
> bottom and part of the plastic is broken).

I heard that the 'screws issue' is very common with the T-3's, but never knew
I should expect the same from the T-T. Apparently, it gets worse too.

> Finally, what else will i need to change - i've two cradles, a usb
> cable and a keyboard for the TT.  ARe they compatible with the TX?  I
> need connectivity at home and work (will it need a new version of the
> sync software - it will be months before that gets 'integrated' by IT
> if it does) so how many cables and chargers will i need?


Judging by the picture, what they call "multi-connector" does not appear
quite like the Universal connector... worries me slightly as their move to
USB connections (among others?) might make peripherals useless, including a
keyboard I have grown to love over the years.

Be sure to check if your old cradles are compatible with the model that you
ultimately go for (unless you decide to stick with the T-T). You may want to
synchronise at work too (without carrying cables and plastic equipment).

Also to consider: another Tungsten T from on-line auctions and the like.


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