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Re: Microsoft Kill my Site

>>I suppose my bitterness stems from the fact that I never use any of
Microsoft's products. There is no hypocrisy. Yet, I continue to suffer
a terribly flawed product that they have spread around the world. If a
of cars with faulty brakes was sold to the public and led to an endless

number of car accidents (involving other motorists), would you blame
the car
owners for not mending the brakes? It doesn't matter if the
/unknowingly/ let these faulty cars be out 'in the wild'.

That's not a good analogy, because it completely ignores that there is
a malicious third party involved, who in your analogy would be
deliberately tampering with the brakes. Nobody here seems to be blaming
the hackers, which have been a thorn in the side of the computer
business since before Windows was invented. Anyone here read The
Cuckoo's Egg?

Anyway, if you want a better car analogy there is a real life one. Many
people are run down and killed or injured every year by stolen cars.
The car industry knows that car theft is a problem and while they are
gradually improving car security, the problem remains.

Has anyone ever tried to sue a motor manufacturer because they didn't
prevent their product being stolen and used to injure someone? (serious


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