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Re: Holidays with a LifeDrive


Roy Schestowitz wrote:

Same here. Always. In fact, travel seem to be the only circumstance where
the keyboard gets used. I have had that same Universal Keyboard for over 2
years. For some reason I though the LifeDrive had a USB connection and no
support for the Universal Connector...

Sorry, my mistake here. I meant the Palm Universal _Wireless_ Keyboard, which works over IR.

Clearly you also used your LifeDrive to compile this list... *smile*

No, I just have a very very _very_ good memory ;-)

Consider a battery extender. I once looked into it, but gave up the idea. It
would have gotten used only a few times a year so it was not worth the

I purchased a AA-powered battery loader from Boxwave, but it didn't reach me yet. That said, since we came back to the hotel every evening, it was not really necessary to have one. I guess I'll rather use it next time we go back to Malaysia, due to the very long flight (13 hours).

So, I hope that this report is useful to other travellers. I loved to
have my LD with me during this trip. It worked excellently, and together
with the keyboard, works better than a laptop for a leisure trip (and
probably for most business trips too ;-)

Definitely. In fact, when I bought a new computer on Friday I made the bold decision to stick with a desktop and not a laptop (had one since 1999). My Palm simply makes the laptop far less necessary.

That's true. And it's a good surprise, considering that it's the first PDA I own which really can replace a laptop, at least during trips. Before that I had a Palm Professional, a Palm IIIx and a Clié NR70V, but all were too limited (connection-wise, memory-wise...) to fully replace the laptop.

Thanks for sharing. It is interesting to see how others take advantage of
mobile computing while away. Just remember that vacations are supposed to
/avoid/ us messing about with technology.


My pleasure. I thought in the contrary that holidays were the only time where I really have time to play ;-)

Laurent Bugnion, GalaSoft
Software engineering: http://www.galasoft-LB.ch
Private/Malaysia: http://mypage.bluewin.ch/lbugnion
Support children in Calcutta: http://www.calcutta-espoir.ch

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