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Re: Wallpaper moves up and down

__/ [BearItAll] on Thursday 01 September 2005 16:06 \__

> On Thu, 01 Sep 2005 13:40:37 +0100, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> <SNIP>
>> To be brief, items naturally get placed vertically (in a column) and they
>> seem to be allowed a placement underneath the viewable desktop, in which
>> case I can scroll down by drawing a rectanglar selection with the mouse.
>> I don't think a second column ever gets used unless I intervene.
>> I do not have virtual desktops (dual-head is enough) and I have
>> randomally chosen wallpapers that are _scaled_, hence the suggestion from
>> Alex would not do any magic, at least not in my particular case.
>> Roy
> This suggests that your monitor didn't report its dimensions (or the
> correct dimensions) to the driver or system.

I would not be surprised. It was long ago (~2 years) that I overwrote the
YaST2-generated (SaX2 actually) file as it couldn't handle Xinerama
properly. I have something which works at the moment, albeit it is not
quite "correct".

> Have a look at the monitor selected by the system, I bet your socks its a
> generic plug-n-play. See if you can select the actual monitor by model, or
> at least select a generic that is closer to the actual monitor.

Here are the monitor configurations


Section "Monitor"
        Identifier "A90f"
        HorizSync 30-61
        VertRefresh 54-75
        Option  "DPMS"


Section "Monitor"
        Identifier "G790"
        HorizSync 30-61
#        VertRefresh 50-150
        VertRefresh 54-75
        Option  "DPMS"



So there, you got my socks!

> I like Susi generally, but it has made some terrible decisions when it
> comes to monitor selection. Every other distro I know about, when it can't
> be certain of the monitor, it guesses downwards, meaning the frequencies
> used. Suse guessed upwards. You can tell when it gets it wrong by the pop
> and wist of smoke.

A stranger whom I converted to Linux last month ended up with a magnifying
glass in his hand. A "Senior Moment", he called it.

> You might of noticed that even at the install stage it is up to you to
> switch from Suse's default selection to a more likely lesser setting or
> you may not see the installation at all.

The issue described by the OP never bothered me much. My aspiration is to
keep my Desktop clean at all times. Physically desktop likewise. *smile*


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