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Re: Panther/Tiger and the MD's

__/ [Graham W] on Thursday 01 September 2005 17:09 \__

> Recently switched to Mac at home. Knowing the MD at work hates giving
> Microshaft money, I dropped the occasional hint about Mac. Long story
> short, he set me about looking at 'what if' scenarios over the last
> couple of months to see if we could do everything on a Mac platform that
> we do on Windoze. Bottom line was no as we have a few mission critical
> bespoke apps that are Windoze only. But, we could stick them on the old
> NT Terminal Server that's doing pretty much nowt.

What about emulation? It is at least worth considering. Also a staged
migration, whereby you keep both machine until one gets redundant is always
a possibility.

> AAAAAnyway, longer story even shorter, I was rummaging about the
> cupboard in my office last week and came across an old PowerMac (and an
> ancient beige thing) from the days they had their own in-house designer.
> Fired up with OS 9.0.2 (I think) but had a 40 gig drive, dual G4 500MHz
> processors and half a gig of RAM. Got hold of a pucker Panther retail
> box on eBay from a local seller and got it all installed today, and took
> the risk of replacing my PeeCee desktop with it in the office.

This reminds me that it's worth upgrading the Mac OS 9 machine at work.
Would an iMac from the last decade run Tiger gracefully(ish)? I think it
has around 128 MB of RAM and 300MHz(ish) processor. For the past few years
I have only used it for mail.

> Came back from lunch to find 17 of the 20 employees gathered round my
> desk playing with the Mac (must remember to log out before I wander
> off!) all making various ooh and ahh noises.

Yes, everybody loves it. Unfortunately, not many get the opportunity to see
it. You gave them a good showcase, which is sure to get some word of mouth
going. *smile*

> As of fifteen minutes ago when the MD left the office, he's had eleven
> requests for "one of those computers like Graham's got".
> I think the next few months at work will be interesting :-)
> Graham W

I would love to hear more about it in the future.


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