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Re: Panther/Tiger and the MD's

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> __/ [Graham W] on Thursday 01 September 2005 17:09 \__
> > AAAAAnyway, longer story even shorter, I was rummaging about the
> > cupboard in my office last week and came across an old PowerMac (and an
> > ancient beige thing) from the days they had their own in-house designer.
> > Fired up with OS 9.0.2 (I think) but had a 40 gig drive, dual G4 500MHz
> > processors and half a gig of RAM. Got hold of a pucker Panther retail
> > box on eBay from a local seller and got it all installed today, and took
> > the risk of replacing my PeeCee desktop with it in the office.
> This reminds me that it's worth upgrading the Mac OS 9 machine at work.
> Would an iMac from the last decade run Tiger gracefully(ish)? I think it
> has around 128 MB of RAM and 300MHz(ish) processor. For the past few years
> I have only used it for mail.

It'll cope, possibly with Panther better (Tiger specs a FW machine which
I don't think your iMac will have). You will need to invest in ram
first. OS X does suck on a machine with 128mb of ram, 256 bare min, 512
is much better. It is is a tray loader than its PC66 or higher 144pin
laptop ram, if its a slot loader then common garden PC100 168pin SDram.
It will be cheaper to buy PC133 ram though whichever variant you look
Jon B
real email to usenet at jonbradbury dot com

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