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Re: Google Shuffle Over Weekend?

__/ [Roy Schestowitz] on Tuesday 30 August 2005 06:38 \__

> __/ [Antipodean Bucket Farmer] on Monday 29 August 2005 22:53 \__
>> ...
>> Has Google done a major shuffle within about the past
>> four days?
>> Using a "site:www.somedomain.com" query shows that I
>> have just dropped from 70K+ pages down to 30K+.  That
>> lower number had been showing for some time, and the
>> higher number had only lasted for two or three weeks
>> recently.
>> Anybody else getting this?
> No change here. Check for differences across datacentres using one of the
> following:
>   http://www.yourcache.com/
>   http://www.mcdar.net/Q-Check/datatool.asp

__/ [Bewenched] added: \__

> I've experienced the same thing.  We have alot of really good content
> on our site and rank of 4 yet we seem to be dropping fairly quickly. I
> have found recently that there are some sites spidered by google that
> are using copy (including our own copyright statement on the bottom of
> our pages!) on their pages and I wonder if we are being penalized for
> "duplicate content" when we are the original content creators.

It is definitely a possibility and I suggest that you file a report against
such sites. If you target Google as your search engine[1], e.g. based on
number of referrals:


The problem is that so many such rogue sites exist. A Yahoo search, which
naturally culls out less spam than others, found literally dozens of sites
that crawled and copied segments from my sites.

[1] By the way, does the above not justify having a single impartial search
engine? Imagine having 10 different "Internets" or "(Almost-)World Wide
Webs". Must we report abuse or mirrored content to 10 different search
engines? Maybe one of these all-in-one "submit an abuse report sites" would
be handy. Since people are involved in dealing with such abuse cases, I
doubt whether it's practical. Even SE site submissions no longer appear to
have any effect, neither do Google Groups abuse reports or "Dissatisfied
with the results?" feature. Does it even exist, still? Or maybe the giant
has 'outgrown' and no longer has any needs for that user-friendliness'...

I have just checked... it still exists... well done Google. Other major
search engines don't provide an equivalent. Shame on them... their loss.


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