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Re: Palm OS and Palm Desktop Versions

__/ [-=rjh=-] on Friday 02 September 2005 06:07 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> They usually add some extra features. Ideally, an update of the Desktop
>> would require an update of the O/S that is embedded in your handheld. In
>> reality, many inconsistencies may arise so a new unit has to be
>> purchased.
>> If/when used on the Desktop-side and full abilities get exploited (e.g.
>> Date Book categories), they can really $#!& data on the handheld because
>> the outdated Palm OS version fails to understand and gets confused.
> Surely it shoudn't be too hard for Palm Desktop to check the OS of the
> device and adjust how it transfers data to it accordingly?

This is a good and valid point. It is only a matter of writing some code.
However, infra-red also poses a problem (PDA-to-PDA). I was once told that
they did not specify the protocols properly (namely catering for
extensions) so the devices do not negotiate and agree on version of Palm
O/S being used. I hope they extend this soon. I am getting a little fed up
with self-imposed limitations, much like the 4k limit (see below) which has
historical significance only.

> I was interested to note that the new desktop increases the size limit
> for notes from 4K; does this mean that this limitation existed only in
> the desktop, not the Palm itself?

No. It exists in both, based on experience with Palm Desktop 4 and 4.1.


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