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Re: Message ID with mySQL?

__/ [Toby Inkster] on Friday 02 September 2005 08:47 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> allow a tinyurl/snipurl/makeaurlshort type-of-service to be used at the
>> front page.
> I have actually been thinking along those lines.
> Though not using random numbers like:
> http://message-id.net/3463456345
> but more like:
> http://message-id.net/*alt_www_webmaster_faq
> Not sure about the asterisk there. Needs to be some character which is
> invalid as part of a Message-ID header, but valid in URLs.

Does "alt_www_webmaster_faq" correspond to a subject line, as in a slug? If
so, you need to make sure duplicates are prevented (re-use from WordPress
slug assignment). Perhaps starting with something more shallow and
fundamental would be good. _However_, make sure you do not break older
links if/when the conventions change. Maybe just retain a flexible table
(not worrying about lookup efficiency for the time being) and accommodate
it with aliases.

One thing you could also do, for example, is rely on query speed in mySQL
and just toss aliases at it, e.g. ADD to $table VALUES $slug $address $date

You then just write a few scripts (or script) that can simply pull out the
physical (well, not truly /physical/) address and redirect to it. It should
all be transparent to the user.


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