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Re: GoogleCity Forums

__/ [Chris Hope] on Friday 02 September 2005 09:10 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [John Bokma] on Friday 02 September 2005 07:14 \__
>>> Big Bill <kruse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> On 1 Sep 2005 20:02:31 -0700, MarvellanHinton@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>>>>I just want to stop and take the chance to invite everyone to
>>>>>GoogleCity Forums! We are establishing a nice, sort of close-knit
>>>> The sort of close-knit community that any and everyone can join, eh?
>>> It takes two to tango, and a lot more to get a community :-D.
>> Feeds are an excellent place to start based on my own experience. When
>> I decided to set up a news section for computer vision back in May
>> (one of these ideas that pops up in your head while in the bathroom),
>> I knew there was no similar site that provided an RSS feed, not even
>> the long-established Computer Vision Homepage, which was static. So, I
>> set up PHP-Nuke and some months later I have 14 fully-subscribed
>> members and over 100 RSS feed subscribers. I also have some good
>> corresponding SERP's that are sure to have the figures improved.
>> I set up another such site which covers one of my research project. I
>> thought there was absolutely no way that anyone would show an interest
>> in it. Nonetheless, it helped me keep track of my own progress. As
>> it's the beginning of the month, the visual logs are rather clean.
>> This morning I could see that the feed of that site was requested 34
>> times yesterday, only a couple of months after it was set up.
>> In summary, offer something that others do not have. People are going
>> Ga Ga after feeds at the moment. Not all people have reached the point
>> of information overload, yet. Take advantage of that.
>> BOKMA: Your advice on RSS feeds was excellent. The requests appeared
>> to have nearly doubled in just 2 months.
> I've been meaning to set up RSS on my CD site for a while now... no time
> to do it though at the moment :(  Oh well, at least I'm managing to
> send out a weekly email. I manage to get a new person signing up about
> every second day :)

Have you got a CMS in place? How do you generate pages? There are tools to
assist the creation of feeds, whether they work offline (periodically) or
'on the fly'. Does the site grow linearly? If it grows hierarchically,
there are meaningful feeds which indicate new additions, e.g. OSDir.


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