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Re: Feeds and Mail Digests

__/ [Chris Hope] on Friday 02 September 2005 09:23 \__

>> <SNIP>
>> Have you got a CMS in place? How do you generate pages? There are
>> tools to assist the creation of feeds, whether they work offline
>> (periodically) or 'on the fly'. Does the site grow linearly? If it
>> grows hierarchically, there are meaningful feeds which indicate new
>> additions, e.g. OSDir.
> It's an ecommerce site using system I created myself selling Linux on CD
> or DVD and I have a number of people signed up to the newsletter which
> I send out info about what's been added/updated in the last week and
> what's coming up. The value I see in RSS is that they'll get the
> notification of new/updated distros being added much quicker than a
> once a week email.

Feeds are less obtrusive (in most cases) as the user requests them on demand
rather than a process that is polling (mail checker/biff). With E-mail, as
soon as messages are available they intrude or divert the user's attention,
who is possibly in the midst of doing something else. Mail digests and
newsletter are unpopular for this very particular reason. Many newbies sign
up for them because they have no incoming mail, but after a few digests,
they struggle to find out how to unsubscribe.

With feeds, you can also modify previous entries (you control the data at
your end) and you can post updates whenever you like without fear of
verging an excessive number of 'nags'.

> It really won't be much of an effort to create a useful RSS feed but I
> need to set aside the hour or so it will take to put things in place.
> Too many other deadlines on at the moment but I hope to implement this
> at some point this month.

If you need some pointers or advice, try alt.html or alt.www.webmaster. Many
of the other relevant newsgroups are dormant.


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