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Re: Linux TCO significantly lower than others

__/ [7] on Friday 02 September 2005 23:22 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Many of you have probably seen this by now:
>> http://informationweek.com/story/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=170102340
>> In short, Linux if 40% cheaper than Windows in terms of total cost of
>> ownership, i.e. setup /and/ maintenance. This study comes from IBM and it
>> is surely something to wave at the boss' face when he/she considers the
>> deployment of a new system, whatever its nature may be.
> TCO doesn't exist in management working or training, and survey after
> survey show nobody know what it is or how to calculate.
> In other words its some totally fake and probably dangerous time wasting
> unauthorized creative accounting scheme invented by
> Gartner cosmetic reports inc and used by the likes of
> the microshafted and microshaftees to get the jump on one another.
> Don't turn your back on microshaftees when they rant on about
> TCO or you will be mounted from the rear with their dopey TCO fake
> fsckaroo.
> This is one of those situations where one says...
> 'The emperor has no clothes'!!!

I once used that analogy when referring to Google Maps:


Just another technology that was capable of being implemeted many, many
years ago and in fact was available via Terraserver. Too bad Terraserver 
had neither the money nor the hype to attract hordes of people.

> And to rub it all in, full and proper,
> there is of course TC (Total Cost) which is a list of all the invoicibles
> that you put down on sheet of paper at the bottom where it says Total
> Cost. GNU/Linux comes in cheaper hands down every time because there are
> fewer invoicibles with a GNU/Linux project!


 - Linux boxes from Dabs - GBP 140 + tax

 - Penguin dolls for top of monitor - GBP 2 a piece (wholesale price)

 - Beer - free, of course.

 - Development and distribution - Priceless 


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