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Re: Blog spammers using zombies?

__/ [John Bokma] on Saturday 03 September 2005 23:45 \__

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> [ blog spam ]
>> Join the club, John.
> In a way it's an honor, of course :-)

In a way it's also a nuisance, of course.

>> I tried changing default fields (are you using
>> 'in-house' forms by the way?),
> Yes, even in-house software :-)
>> added CAPTCHA,
> Don't believe in CAPTCHA.

Good. See my reply to Karim. It contains a reference.

>> added many filters
>> including Spaminator. I still struggle to purge about 50-100 messages
>> per day in 2 sites.
> Ouch, and I am complaining about 2-4 a day :-)
>> Only 10% will bubble through, but it is enough to
>> upset a webmaster. If not erased quickly enough, it only encourages
>> more.
>> Save the trouble, John. Changes will only cater as a temporary
>> solution. Consider closing comments altogether. I know I do.
> I increased the minimal message length, which already resulted in a very
> funny post:
> "ur display pix suck!!! they r very very very very very very very very
>  very very very very boring and not funny at all, i am not impressed "

Best flattery is an insult?

> I am sure that this person had to add several very's to get through my
> check ;-)
> Anyway, I get the comments by email and copy and paste them to a file,
> generate the HTML and upload it, which is doable right now. A good thing
> is that I can teach Thunderbird what is blog spam and what not.

*smile* Be careful. As time went on, I instantiated an E-mail address solely
for the puspose of comment management in blogs. If nothing bubbles through
the filters, I can afford to check it and respond accordingly once a day.


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