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Re: Machine Name and Privacy

__/ [Jack Ouzzi] on Sunday 04 September 2005 11:01 \__

> Thanks Roy. A long and ongoing controversial debate I'm sure. Every
> time you use a credit/debit card you are tracked / logged / monitored
> and spied on. Is the Linux OS more or less susceptible. Is a firewall
> needed for the same? I have mine set to 'no firewall' on Linux.

Firewall and security in this particular context are different. Whenever you
request a packet (E-mail, patch, Web page, etc.) your IP address or machine
name probably get logged. Nobody checks such logs though with the exception
of boredom, especially in small or malicious sites.

> I tend to leave my machine on with Thunderbird and Firefox running most
> of the time (on both OS) on a ADSL connection.

That's fine. If it was Windows, however, you would be more susceptible to
port scanning and exploitation of the latest vulnerablities. I am giving a
talk on security at the R0yal Eye H0spital (obfuscated using 0's in
purpose) very soon. I will advise them to disconnect and/or switch off the
computer when not in use. Now, if only I could use humorous lines like:

"Poke your little head through the XP firewall and quickly fetch your

__/ [Jack Ouzzi] on Sunday 04 September 2005 11:02 \__

> and apologies to the original poster if I have gone off on a tangent
> ... :-|

It regularly happens. The OP was also told the solutions already.

By the way, if the detailed instructions from Jean-David (changing machine
name) are hard for you to follow, let us know. If he does not stick around,
I know I will.



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