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Re: Machine Name and Privacy

__/ [Jack Ouzzi] on Sunday 04 September 2005 09:15 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [Jack Ouzzi] on Sunday 04 September 2005 07:36 \__
>> > Morning Roy ..... whilst you are up ;-) I inadvertantly set up my
>> > desktop without a machine name, now it's  unknown1234567890*&^%
>> >
>> > Anyway I can change this ??
>> It is beyond my level of expertise, I'm afraid. I suggest that you start
>> a new thread with a suitable subject line. It sounds like a FAQ-like
>> item. Maybe there will even be an answer on the Web.
>> Be sure to avoid machine names that reflect on yourself as an individual
>> or else people will spy on your activity at greater ease, e.g.
>> carole.smb.man.ac.uk
>> versus:
>> vulture.cs.man.ac.uk
>>   (note: based on real examples)
> Apologies Roy, by people spying on my activities (nothing to hide) do
> you mean over the LAN? Or do you mean something more sinister?? Is the
> machine name identified over the internet???

Only if you surf the Net, which I am sure you do. I haven't been keeping
track of logs at low level for a long time; some people do, however. That's
why I always surf with care if the site is small and is owned by somebody
who knows me. I once told my cousin that the Internet jeopardises our
privacy tremendously more than is conceived by the average user. It is only
a matter of time of investigation. Everything gets logged. More numbers and
gibberish + less names and verbal expressions = more uncertainty and
long-winded investigation.

Like you, I have nothing to hide, but I detest being spied on. Later this
today I'll post an item on MSN's recent technology, which eavesdrops on
users in order to deliver them better-targetted ads.


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