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Re: Linux TCO and Google

__/ [Mark Kent] on Sunday 04 September 2005 08:59 \__

> begin  oe_protect.scr
> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>> I take your point. When writing that last paragraph I had massive media
>> bittorrents in mind. I do not feel the need for data storage and
>> retrival; not at the 'personal level' anyway. I know, however, that the
>> situation would be different had I been involved in a large enterprise.
>> We currently have some SAN's to store terabytes of data, which only need
>> to be accessed by people across the Division.
> I think the OP might've been thinking of something like gnut or freenet
> where all partaking machines become part of the system.  The plussy with
> the freenet approach is that the user isn't making the choice regarding
> what is stored/shared on his machine, so that local governments are
> less able to use whatever their current/trendy local censorship rules
> are against the node owner.

*LOL* It's amazing that some would accept any terms and conditions.

> Oddly, bittorrent doesn't have a search mechanism that I'm aware
> of, although there was talk of a new version which might offer such
> capabilities some time ago.

I have heard of search engines for torrents. I imagine there are Wikis at
the least, which you can simple search for links. The context was Mac OS X
atop the x86 PC (details here: http://www.osx86project.org/ ).


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