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Re: strange behavior

__/ [Euro Stacey] on Sunday 04 September 2005 18:45 \__

> "Charly" <NOSPAMMMMM@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:v_ESe.14736$O6.848113@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Hi,
>> I noticed a strange behaviour of google (or I am becomming crazy....)
>> When I make a search it show be a result X... after 5 minutes I do the
>> same
>> research and it shows me a result Y.
>> I have noticed that if I delete my cookies/cached pages, I obtain another
>> result...
>> This did not happen in the past...
> You probably haven't noticed it happening in the past.
>> Another very strange thing is that 2 computers behind the same NAT give 2
>> different results even if I delete cookies and history...
>> Is there an explanation ???
> Yes, different data centers and updates.

Just to give the skeptic point-of-view, the SERP's would not be so volatile
if the checks are made small time intervals apart. From the phrasing by the
OP I imagine that he tries it everything merely in real-time, repeating the
search again and again. 5 Minutes on the same machine should not make that
much of a different, should they? (this is really a question, I am not
sure) Allocation to a datacentre should perhaps be predictable, unless of
course the load on each datacentre changes very sharply (a spike). I search
Google quite often and rarely do I notice a difference over a short periods
of time.

Again, I think you are right, but I have my skepticism.


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