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Re: Sitemaps Work

__/ [Big Bill] on Wednesday 07 September 2005 12:04 \__

> On Wed, 07 Sep 2005 08:36:27 +0100, Roy Schestowitz
> <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>__/ [Big Bill] on Wednesday 07 September 2005 05:06 \__
>>> On 6 Sep 2005 20:16:19 -0700, "Logician" <sales@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>I am just giving some feedback on sitemaps in case someone has not
>>>>tried them.
>>>>My site had never got much indexed (about 700-900 pages of 30,000) and
>>>>I always racked my mind how to solve the problem.
>>>>I saw in this newsgroup sitemaps about 7 days ago, I did the map
>>>>immediately and in the last 7 days Google has indexed 25,000 of my
>>>>30,000 pages.
>>>>My site visitors just increased by 2.5 times in 7 days. There are no
>>>>obvious changes in my rankings for keywords but at least the search
>>>>engine has indexed most of the pages.
>>>>If you are already working in XML, a sitemap will take from a few mins
>>>>to a few hours. There is even a newsgroup for just sitemaps.
>>> That's worth hearing, L, thanks for posting. Just to confirm, yours
>>> are dynamic pages, am I correct?
>>I don't think that ought to make a difference. The search engines just
>>follow links so with a few mod-rewrites in place, dynamicity becomes
> I don't think it ought but I wonder if maybe it do, so I ask.

It actually raises an interesting point. Given certain URL structures, SE's
can not only predict if pages will get generated on-the-fly, but also how
they get generated. For example, it should not be hard to spot a blog and
tell it apart from a commercial CMS, a free (Open Source) CMS and a DIY
CMS. It can give the SE some indication of reliability of information

To elaborate on that point, the 'generator' metadata, much like user-agent
in browsers and mail client can become a nuisance and a source for


__/ [Davémon] added on Wednesday 07 September 2005 09:13 \__

> Maybe not to google, but if it's not dynamic, linking 30,000 pages is
> enough ctrl-c ctrl-v to give anyone a RSI.

You should not forget about tools that link pages off-line rather than
on-line (AKA on-the-fly or 'real time').


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