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Re: Bloated E-mail

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

record was 21MB email. I was *not* pleased!

At least you could 'absorb' that. I set my quota to 20MB, which is more than enough and more than I ever wish to or expect to receive.


For that account it does not have a limit, but my poor dialup connection couldn't handle it! Luckily I also had webmail access to the account. Had to dump it and send the client my standard 'how to resample images for the web tutorial' *without* offending and lose the business!

Yes, I also have a number of folks who like to send attached MS Word docs. Not because they need to preserve the format for edibility, no--it just never occurred to them to use CTRL-C CTR-V sequence to just paste the text!

That said, I find html-formatted email an indispensable tool as an artist. The ability to format images and text to assist in project development and marketing is far superior then listing my correspondence and trying to link the comment to the series of images attached at the end. Far better than the old days of printing up presentations and then enduring the postal delay process! Especially for our patrons in Australia, Japan and Europe! Now I take great care scale and optimize images to limit message size. Usually less than 100Kb. So I’d hate to have abuse spoil what is a real tool for me.

-- Take care,


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