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Re: Dabs Linux Box

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
__/ [ac] on Tuesday 06 September 2005 17:54 \__

chris wrote:

Just to stick my oar in. I personally would stick with a debian-based
distro (e.g. Ubuntu) as I've had very virtually no issues with my
several Mepis installations and updates are a breeze with apt-get. At
work we use Suse and 9.3 has caused more than a few problems with us.
IMO Yast is too fussy.

interesting, thanks. I will be trying kubuntu later, when time allows. I also keep in mind that since Novell have made suse 'open' now, and yast is already open source, that there might be a natural evolution or merging somehow, of yast etc towards a less picky approach maybe.

The idea of combining the rock-solid Ubuntu with KDE has always been
appealing to me.

Looking at:


I see very little difference when compared to SuSE. In fact, most KDE-based
distros are said to be essentially the same; only the desktop picture
varies. Then again, in (K)Ubuntu, applications get assigned meaningful
names like "Music Player" and "Web Browser", which is great for newbies.

I disagree. KDE makes them all /look/ the same, but under the hood they can be significantly different. In particular the way usb is handled by Suse is v. poor when compared to my debian-based MEPIS at home. Also, KDE 3.3 in Mepis on an AlthonXP 1700 with 384Mb RAM runs more smoothly than KDE 3.3 in Suse 9.2 on a dual Xeon 2.4GHz with 512Mb RAM.

Kubuntu cons: Y(aST)OU, number of applications, future prospects, size of
userbase/community etc.

Personally I find all the above are advantages for non-Suse distros:
- Yast is a pain,
- Suse is way too bloated (there's nothing I can't do using a single disk version of linux that I can on Suse) the only thing missing is the kitchen sink,
- the future of debian is not based on any financial bottom line unlike Novell's Suse
- if you include debian the userbase is huge.

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