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Re: Dabs Linux Box

__/ [ac] on Tuesday 06 September 2005 18:13 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [ac] on Monday 05 September 2005 11:39 \__
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> __/ On Friday 12 August 2005 15:04, [ac] wrote : \__
> [...]
>>>> almost-6-year-old laptop...
>>> (I hope it has got a lot of memory.....?)
>> 32MB. If handled properly, it can actually be responsive. I haven't been
>> using that machine for work. I often ran PuTTY on it.
>> I was less fortunate than you as I ordered the machine when they have run
>> out of stock. They get the next batch on the 9th of this month.
> I hope it becomes a regular item. Linux can do with a steady supply of
> preinstalled hardware. It is a start.

That is /exactly/ what I thought. Linux installation is a daunting step to
most, especially since hardware might not properly get detected. Some
people whom I know gave up on a Linux migration after one of their system
components had failed to be recognised.

> [...]
>>>> Is there any way of getting Mandriva on this machine without CD burning
>>>> facilities? If not, will Ubuntu Warty Warthog be considered an upgrade
>>>> from Mandrake 9.2?
>>> What internet connection do you expect to use with the pc? If broadband,
>>> you could directly install (live, over ftp etc) th ecurrent product from
>>> suse (9.3) from a mirror at no other cost if you wished. Suse (I use
>>> this) is probably a bit more heavyweight than ubuntu, I do not know
>>> about mandriva.
>> I have a 10Mbit/sec connection where the machine will reside (100Mbit/sec
>> otherwise). I have never done any installations over the network.
> I was using a 10Mb/s coax to install initially 9.0 suse and it was not a
> problem at all. Speed from ftp etc servers  for things like install and
> updates is not fast anyway. FTP install needed a bit of thought
> initially, to make a floppy boot image and some floppy disk modules -
> but I did it ok from comments on the internet and help texts, even
> though I was really totally newto linux and this approach after many
> years of 'doze life. It would have been stressful if I had been paying
> for time elapsed on the internet connection, but I was on domestic
> broadband. Now suse provide boot/ftp install mini iso cd images to
> preceed ftp install, it sounds even easier.
> [...]

I once prepared to install RedHat in that way. The download pace was nearing
30Mbit/sec. Little did I realise that Doze' consumed too much of the main
partition (shared with a colleague), so I had to give up despite the fact
that everything was ready for an installation. That was over a year ago. I
now have a Latitude with Ubuntu at that office. This marked the end of 2
years of PuTTY + X server from Ballmer O/S. 

>> That's useful to hear. I have been thinking about SuSE 10 beta 3 for a
>> while. Although it doesn't offer much (especially if used as a node), I
>> just liked the idea of using something that is state-of-the-art.
> it is state of the art I think, but is more useful for people who are
> excited buy bugs, and development issues. I would love to be that
> experienced.

It is also a matter of contributing to a good cause and initiative, I think.
I download Park Deer (Firefox) some months ago.

>>> I used ftp install from suse and the install went well (the current
>>> product, not beta). For this approach you will not need a cd writer of
>>> course.
>>> I find suse online updates very easy to use, and very pointy clicky, an
>>> advantage for me. I have no experience of (security) updates with other
>>> distros. For me, familiarity with updates would be a deciding factor. Of
>>> course, most distros have practical methods of this anyway.
>> You have given me a good reason to stick with what I initially get.
> Do you mean you will avoid updates(?) If so, please reconsider. These
> would not be upgrades to a later version, but security patches and bug
> fixes in things you have installed, which have been found and fixed.
> They are available regularly, with a small cost for some distros, and
> are usually important.

I imagine that after a week or so I will get the SuSE ISO's and have the
installation invoked from a floppy disk, or however else it gets done. Your
advice makes the process sound less laborious than I initially thought.

>> I will at least go around and check if someone I know
>> has already burned SuSE.
> If you cannot, let me know, maybe I could help.
> (It is almost time for a dvd of ftp suse 9.3 to be appearing on the
> cover of linux magazines. - Ah - your machine might not have a dvd drive).

The Department has SuSE 8.2 on CD's and a DVD, but it's an old version. Most
of the IT staff care very little for SuSE. Last time I asked them for the
CD's (about 2 months ago), one of them asked if I wanted the Windows
version or the Linux version of SuSE.


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