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Re: Suggest a challenging research idea

__/ [Martin Leese] on Tuesday 06 September 2005 19:38 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> ...
>> To Martin: in
>> some universities such as Cambridge, proposals are part of the
>> application process as they reflect on the candidate's enthusiasm and
>> abilities. Contact with the provisional supervisor/s is minimal at that
>> stage.
> An understatement.  I once shared an office with a
> Cambridge PhD.  He literally never met his advisor
> throughout his entire PhD.
> The point here, I would suggest, is that Ajay is
> not able to develop his own proposal.  (That is
> why he is asking us.)  He would therefore not
> prosper under the Cambridge system and would be
> better off moving elsewhere where they have a
> different system.

I concur with Martin on that one. Even at present, I have not much contact
with my supervisor and nonetheless there are many paths of exploration.
Self-motivation and passion for your field of research are key points. If
you were to follow the desires of someone else or arbitrarily pick a
project that was proposed in this group, you would merely be a follower,
not a leader in your project. Your motivation and aspirations would suffer


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