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Re: Kasbar Cutoff

__/ [./aal] on Wednesday 07 September 2005 16:23 \__

> ...
>>>I refer to the icons that appear in kasbar when an app is run.
>>>the bottom app shown in the kasbar is cut off.
>>>I have not had this issue with any ver of kde till now.
>>>screenshot of kasbar attached
>> I have placed my Kasbar (KDE 3.1) at the exact same position as in your
>> screenshot. I failed, however, to reproduce the error. Like I said,
>> Kasbar is rarely reliable and it seems to involve some clutter much of
>> the time, at least the version of it that I use. I run it alongside the
>> taskbar, which get auto-hidden after 1 second. Can your problem be
>> resolved by making Kasbar horizontal (as in my case)?
>> Roy
> going horiz...
> same thing happens  ( it's a side cutoff instead of the bottom)

Any luck if you change the size of icons? Which version of KDE and
distribution are you on? I can't help wondering if, apart from the
aesthetic, this should truly become a nuisance. I rarely use Kasbar, but I
like it because of the down-sized previews. It sounds like Kasbar is
miscalculating the size of the region to draw over. Is X11 properly
configured? Is your monitor recognised as a generic one? I have had an
issue of scrollable desktop due to that.


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