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Re: Help! Tungsten T Constantly Resets

__/ [Logan Shaw] on Wednesday 07 September 2005 12:45 \__

> Paul Nevai wrote:
>> newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx aszonygya:
>> :That's not necessary. Resets are used in operating systems that leak
>> :memory or spawn unnecessary tasks (see signature, 13 days up and still
>> :as 'fresh' as always).
>> What about defective apps?  What about unused feature numbers and such
>> kept
>> in the dynamic RAM?  I recommend regular soft [pin] resets.

I reset on occasions, but only when symptoms of weakness begin to arise (*).
It is not necessary, however, to 'freshen up' a device as if resetting it
is a 'magic loop'. It's a force of habit to many.

> Don't forget orphaned MemHandles in the storage heap from when the
> programmer did a DmNewHandle() but never got around to doing
> DmAttachRecord(), or from when the programmer did a VFSFileDBGetRecord()
> but didn't free the handle to the temporary memory the OS used to cache
> what's on the SD Card.

I agree that leaked memory is a main concern. If you run heavy applications,
this might make the difference between 2 seconds and 3 seconds, compared
with 2ms and 3ms in basic PIM applications, where it is merely negligible.

> I recommend a soft reset every month or so.  More if you notice that your
> free memory (in the storage heap) increases when you do it (until you
> track down the source of the leak).

FileZ allows memory usage to be checked rather readily. I guess there is no
harm in resetting, which might take as little time as looking at memory

> There are also other reasons besides memory leaks as well.  Databases can
> remain locked that don't need to be, apps can be registered for
> notifications
> they don't need, etc.  Ideally, none of this happens, but then in the real
> world, software has bugs.
>    - Logan

That's what I referred to in (*) above.

Best wishes,


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