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Re: Volume Booster for Treo

  • Subject: Re: Volume Booster for Treo
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2005 05:08:09 +0100
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__/ [Logan Shaw] on Friday 09 September 2005 01:36 \__

> Aloke Prasad wrote:
>> "Joost den Draaijer" <wbbfgqraqennvwre@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:1h2irrl.1g4l27v9itnxbN%wbbfgqraqennvwre@xxxxxxxxxxxx

I have been needing this for my Tungsten as well. Several people complained
(in the Palm-related newsgroups) about low volumes levels. The best
solution thus far has been loud in-ear headphones.

>>>They ask 15 $ for it. Ridiculous! Should be a free update.

If it was from Palm, then yes. Unfortunately, many third-party fixes are
still needed, e.g. clipboard size extender and battery monitor (in the past
at least).

>> "They" is a 3rd party developer who is asking to be rewarded for his
>> labors. This is not from Palm.
>> What's wrong with writing a utility and expecting to get paid for it?

Open Source spirit?

> Well, one thing that's wrong is that Palm should just fix it in a free
> update so that a third-party utility doesn't need to exist.
> But given that it is, $15 is a fair price for it.  The developer is only
> going to be sell it for one model.  When they introduce the replacement
> for the Treo 650, whenever and whatever that is, then the market for
> this utility is going to dry up really quickly.  So the developer, who
> spent time and effort developing it, needs to recoup his investment
> quickly if he's going to recoup it at all.

Exactly. If he wishes to do so, that is...

Many people whose work is valuable fail to reach a wide audience. Code that
does not get used simply rots. The cost of software is still a peril and as
time goes by, commercial software seems to choke. There are exceptions, of
course, but you must deliver something so powerful to make your selling
points compelling enough and the cost appear reasonable.

> To make matters worse (for the developer), at any time Palm could
> release a free update that does fix the problem, and that would kill
> his market as well.  The life of the product is fairly predictable
> (based on history of previous similar products) but whether Palm will
> release a patch isn't very predictable.  So, he's *really* got to
> recoup his investment as quick as possible.
>    - Logan

A few examples: Winzip, Netscape, IBM...

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