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Re: bluetooth headphones

__/ [Ben Thomas] on Thursday 08 September 2005 01:05 \__

> Hi all,
> FYI, Logitech are selling bluetooth headphones that would be very useful
> with PDAs and MP3 players if you hate corded heaphones. You don't even
> need bluetooth in your PDA because the headphones come with a transmitter
> that just plugs into the headphone jack and streams the audio to the
> headphones. Cost is US$129.
> It's a pity the LifeDrive doesn't do audio streaming via bluetooth because
> that was what I was really hoping for.
> See
> for more info.

You had my hopes go up high for a second. I have been looking for Bluetooth
headphone to compansate for my faulty headphones jack (I even posted to
this newsgroup about that week ago).

I now see, however, that the headphones come with their own Bluetooth unit
that plugs into the headphone jack. It doesn't exploit what is already in
existence. It is more suitable for devices that are simple and rather
barebone, where the cost (US$129) doesn't equate with that of a second-hand


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