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Re: program to retrieve posts in a newsgroup by author into one txt file

__/ [Blinky the Shark] on Friday 09 September 2005 09:47 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [Blinky the Shark] on Friday 09 September 2005 07:40 \__
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> __/ [Nospam] on Friday 09 September 2005 04:02 \__
>>>>> is there a program that can retrieve all the posts of a particular
>>>>> author into one text file?
>>>> I can do this with KNode. You can quickly hit F4, put in a partial
>>>> sender's name, hit enter, then export the results in MBOX format, which
>>>> is raw text with all the message headers in tact.
>>> Hmmmmmm.  <playing with this>
>>> I can do the search, but I see no export function.  I see a message
>>> save function under Edit; and I see it on a rightclick on the message
>>> body.  But I see no way to do this except individually, file by file,
>>> as text files -- no way to combine them into an MBOX file.
>>> Knode 0.7.2.
>> KNode 0.7.2 over here as well. I can recall that you were on a version of
>> KDE 3.1, which lacked some menu items which I had listed.
> Ah.  3.1.3, in fact.
>> * Create a new subfolder under Local Folders, for example 'ToSave'
>> * Having got all the messages you wish to save /highlighted/, drag them
>> to 'ToSave'
>> * Go to 'ToSave'
>> * Folder -> Export as MBox Folder
> Ah!  Okay.  Without making any new folders, I have 12 in Sent, and when
> I rightclick that folder, I get an ExportAsMBOX option.
> I was trying to work directly from a search *in my headers pane* for a
> group.  I didn't realize you were talking about working from a "Local
> Folder", probably because I've never once *used* a "Local Folder" for
> anything and didn't even remember they were down there at the bottom of
> the server/groups list.  :)
> MBOX saved...and viewed in mutt as messages and in less as one big text
> file.
> Thanks!

You're welcome. You might wish to spend some time experiments with MHonArc:


Or possibly have a look at some wrappers:


These can help you achieve plenty with very little effort.I hope this
encourages rather than upsets...


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