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Re: RIP Alex Nichol

__/ [Alex Threlfall] on Friday 09 September 2005 22:36 \__

> In article <dflqv4$1trs$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> says...
>> __/ [Marcus Houlden] on Tuesday 06 September 2005 19:29 \__
>> > I was checking something else earlier on, and I noticed this page about
>> > Alex Nichol, formerly of these pastures (and uk.comp.os.win95):
>> > http://aumha.org/alex.htm. It seems he died on the 9th of March 2005.
>> > He used to be quite a regular contributor who knew what he was talking
>> > about, and I did wonder where he had gone.
>> > 
>> > mh.
>> Judging by a quick search in Google Groups, Alex contributed an enormous
>> amount of his valuable time helping people in the newsgroups.
>> Somebody's son came to the Windows-related newsgroups around March this
>> year to say that his father passed away. He also mentioned that his
>> father loved these newsgroups and spoke about them often, as far as I can
>> recall. Whether it was the son of Alex, I do not know. I can't find a
>> reference to that message either. Nonetheless, I have great admiration
>> for anyone who is so committed to helping. Alex was one such guy.
>> Roy
> I made a post about my father sometimes this year on one of the sinclair
> newsgroups, perhaps that's what you're remembering?

I am assuming so. I tried to track down the message based on the name. That
message got well-tattooed in my mind.


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