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Dabs Disappointment

I would like to share my unpleasant experience shopping with Dabs. At the
end of August I purchased a computer, which was supposed to arrive within a
few days. It has been two weeks and nothing has been shipped even though I
paid for shipping separately (emphasising that it was _not_ free). At the
beginning of the week I contacted Dabs via E-mail. Only then did they
bother to inform me that the item is not available in stock, in contrary to
what their site indicated when I made the transaction. They told me they
would restock on the 9th of the month.

On to my next point, when making the purchase on-line I cared enough to look
at the tiny footnotes and get boxes untick as to avoid E-mail nuisance.
Nevertheless, I received unwanted mail. I soon unsubscribed using their
on-line form. This afternoon I received yet another 'special offer' in what
seems to come only days apart very much against my will. I unsubscribed
again, expressing my will for the third time. Whether this will have a
positive outcome for a change, only time will tell.

Overall, I am quite disappointed with the service. Others have been more
fortunate and received next day delivery. In this post I would like to
point out that exceptions exist too.

Thank you for reading


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