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Re: [News] Estimated Number of Windows Zombies: up to 47 Million

DFS wrote:

What you neglected to list among your point is the fact that 80% of
the world's spam is despatched from hijacked Windows computers.


Ok, let's see what the spam I've received says...out of the last 33 spam that I've received, 32 of them originated from Microsoft powered computers, or in percentage terms, that almost 97%.

Going back to my 2003 archive, on a quick, rough perusal, I find:

 8625 spam in archive[1]
 6976 have a definite identified mailer
 5915 definitely identified as coming from MS powered computers[2]
 or 85% of those defintely identified as MS computer originated.

[1] I am more than happy to send you a copy of all 8625 of them if you want to do your own anaylsis of the data /BEFORE/ you call me a liar.

[2] These are identified as:
      4192 - Branded as Microsoft mailers
       907 - Mailers branded for Windows
         1 - Specific WinNT
         3 - Specific Win98
       103 - Pegasus for Win32
       383 - The Bat! [Only available for Windwos from what I can see]
       324 - Internet Mail Service [Part of Microsoft Exchange Server]
         2 - [unbranded] OutLook Express
      5915 - Total identified as MS powered computer originated.

There were 112 which messed up the mailer identity, so it's a fairly good bet that they wrere MS powered machines, plus there were 1537 which gave no identifier.

So the 80% figure is probably fairly accurate.

For 2004 I have 28,829 spam in my archive...that'll require more than a quick perusal.

For 2005 I have 21,930 spam in the archive. I stopped collecting at the beginning of this year from my spammed eaddr (it filled up with 1001 messages in about 15 days), but now have spam arriving on my new eaddr (which is the 33 mentioned above).

What proof, DFS, do /*YOU*/ have that it is /*NOT*/ 80% so that you are correct in your assertion that Roy is a liar?

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