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Re: Pirillo: Internet Explorer 7 UI Will Suck

__/ [ B Gruff ] on Friday 21 April 2006 12:33 \__

> On Friday 21 April 2006 12:15 Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> "My guess is that when IE7 goes gold, more people will be driven to start
>> using Firefox"
>>         http://chris.pirillo.com/blog/_archives/2006/4/10/1875069.html
> I really can't comment on IE7, not having tried it.  However, I do get the
> impression that there are signs of MS "reforming" to some extent.  By that,
> I mean that various articles which I have read seem to imply that that IE7
> will "break" a good many web sites, in that sites which were written to
> "exploit" IE's foibles (thereby making them "IE only" sites) will break,
> and need to be modified to make them "standard" as it were.

Precisely. I read the following only half an hour ago:


 ( "I?ve also been told that FeedLounge doesn?t work properly in IE7..." )

I read the following about an hour ago:


 (self-explanatory title and post slug)

Both come from admirable figures that are not O/S zealots.

> Is there any truth in this?

Read /this/:


,----[ Quote ]
| My advice is simple: Boycott IE. It's a cancer on the Web that must
| be stopped. IE isn?t secure and isn't standards-compliant, which
| makes it unworkable both for end users and Web content creators.
| Because of their user bases, however, Web developers are hamstrung
| into developing for IE at the expense of established standards that
| work well in all other browsers. You can turn the tide by demanding
| more from Microsoft and by using a better alternative Web browser.
| I recommend and use Mozilla Firefox, but Apple Safari (Macintosh
| only) and Opera 8 are both worth considering as well.

> If so, to my mind IE7 will be A Very Good Thing indeed.  In itself it would
> not necessarily promote Firefox or any other browser, but it would level
> the playing field and remove what is for all practical purposes "vendor
> lock-in" in the browser market.  Sure, IE will still be bundled with
> Windows (but so is Firefox here - by Dell!), but the equivalent of
> "proprietary formats" would be removed, would it not?

It's not as simple as that, in my humble opinion. The folks at Redmond are
forced to generate profits. Only the prevalence of standards can ever
/force/ them to obey industry's ethics. Fortunately, the EC, Korea and some
other nations yell out as well.

Best wishes,


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