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Re: Page Rankling

__/ [ T.J. ] on Friday 14 April 2006 09:22 \__

> "davidof" <david.george@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:443f4975$0$28546$7a628cd7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Here is something which may amuse. I have just had an email from the head
>> of marketing of a well known company complaining that my review of one of
>> their products comes up higher than their corporate $$$ website and asking
>> if I can remove my page. :-).
>> As the review wasn't 100% positive they claim it is bad for the image of
>> their company.

Gawd bless the Internet. Sh/e/it made it possible for some truths to be heard
rathe than just peer at some shiny, self-glorifying site of a corporate

> One of the merchants I do affiliate work
> for has just announced a competition
> to see who can rank highest for variations
> of there name.
> Doing a quick search for them and you can
> see why.
> 6 or 7 of the top 10 results are from review sites
> that give them a bit of a panning.
> They're obviously just trying to use the competition
> to manipulate the serps to push the bad reviews
> of the front page.

If only I could clean up my Google Groups search results. Sadly, we must
learn to live with the better and the worse. It's better that way. It makes
people think of the consequences (or choose anonymity, unless it's too
late). *giggle*

Best wishes,


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