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Windows Sucks - A Wakeup Call

Every once in a while, especially while on vacation in foreign houses, I
receive a reminder as to why Windows is an _utterly terrible_ environment
for work. Among the many perils that I had: O/S comes incomplete and remains
incomplete in most households, e.g. no graphical toolkit other than
paint.exe, no Web browser with something as fundamental as the notion of the
tab. Then come deficiencies such as:

-Only a single (virtual) desktop

-No clipboard stack. Copy something and say farewell to whatever else you
help. Forget about being about to copy 3 things and then spew them out.

-Speed is terrible. It makes you re-evaluate the need for so-called
bleeding-edge hardware, which Linux rarely needs.

-Crashes. The modern Windows XP computer crashed on me for no reason. It took
no less than 5 minutes to restore and attain the same position. By that
point, the trail of thought was cut. Where is productivity? Where has user
confidence gone?

Anyone who chooses to use Windows for day-to-day use has my commiserations.
It is sad to think that many people out there are handling businesses in
such a poor environment. I have not even touched the issue of security,
among others. This is just q quick mental note that I had to unburden myself

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