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Re: Windows Sucks - A Wakeup Call

On 2006-04-21, Erik Funkenbusch <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> posted something concerning:
> On Fri, 21 Apr 2006 05:22:55 +0100, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Every once in a while, especially while on vacation in foreign houses, I
>> receive a reminder as to why Windows is an _utterly terrible_ environment
>> for work. Among the many perils that I had: O/S comes incomplete and remains
>> incomplete in most households, e.g. no graphical toolkit other than
>> paint.exe, no Web browser with something as fundamental as the notion of the
>> tab. Then come deficiencies such as:
> Ahh.. the usual Linux advocate hypocricy in action.  If Microsoft were to
> include full featured applications, then they are guilty of bundling and
> abusing their market, but if they don't then it's incomplete.

Or they could allow OEMs to put other companies' products with the
install and/or stop sabotaging said products in the furtherance of
their own monopolistic aims.

>> -Only a single (virtual) desktop
> Fixed with a 30 second download.


>> -No clipboard stack. Copy something and say farewell to whatever else you
>> help. Forget about being about to copy 3 things and then spew them out.
> Office includes a clipboard stack by default. There are other ones you can
> download for free.

Offal doesn't come with Windross.

>> -Speed is terrible. It makes you re-evaluate the need for so-called
>> bleeding-edge hardware, which Linux rarely needs.
> Hand waving.

With truth in hand.

>> -Crashes. The modern Windows XP computer crashed on me for no reason. It took
>> no less than 5 minutes to restore and attain the same position. By that
>> point, the trail of thought was cut. Where is productivity? Where has user
>> confidence gone?
> Crashes are a result of bad drivers or bad hardware in 99.999% of the
> cases.

Or bad software in the other 83% of the time.*

>> Anyone who chooses to use Windows for day-to-day use has my commiserations.
>> It is sad to think that many people out there are handling businesses in
>> such a poor environment. I have not even touched the issue of security,
>> among others. This is just q quick mental note that I had to unburden myself
>> of.
> I feel the same about Linux on the desktop.

Why are you here then?

Oh, I forgot. to "keep y'all honest" like all of the other trolls.

The above doesn't exactly jibe with this:

Message-ID: <56jo9.268$YJ1.950201@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

  As I have said many times.  I *WANT* to like Linux.  I really do.  It
  just hasn't been cooperating in allowing me to do that.

Or this:

Message-ID: <XPP4b.328615$uu5.67305@sccrnsc04>

   I don't hate Linux, I just don't like it as much as I like Windows
   or FreeBSD, and I despise the GPL because of it's political agenda. 
   I *WANT* to like Linux more, and it is slowly getting there.  On
   several occasions i've remarked about cool new things in Linux that
   I like, and I will continue to do so.

(Nevermind the discrepancy between continuing to try liking linux while
despising the GPL it falls under, and my not being able to recall a
single time you noted some "cool new thing" with linux in the 4 or 5
years I've been posting here.)

* $100,000 spent on brand  new Dell machines at work, all containing
eX-Pee Pro (ha ha ha ha ha). All patched and up to date. All have a
spontaneous reboot cycle wherein they run up, get logged in, sit for
around 5 minutes and reboot. All except one, which they stopped letting
it reboot in favor of a BSOD so they could look at the gibberish
instead. Is this _all_ hardware? If it isn't all hardware, what else do
they have in common?

Ever noticed how fast Windows runs?
Me neither.

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