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Re: Reporting the Garbage Generators

__/ [ 4Brevard.com ] on Monday 10 April 2006 19:28 \__

> Was contacted by someone claiming to get top rankings in Google, Yahoo,
> and MSN. Unlike most of these clowns, this outfit created sophisticated
> pages that simulate content with keyword packing and lots of
> cross-linking. Engines seem to do a good job of catching and
> downranking bogus sites with NO REAL CONTENT, but how does the user
> community assist in reporting them?
> As example, the folks at 10xmedia.com run 3 sites insideFinances.com,
> grabRealEstate.com, insideRealEstate.com. You search for Estero (or
> some city name) Real Estate and get a page with someone's picture and
> links to their site surrounded by a bunch of computer-generated garbage
> with city keywords sprinkled in the text. Every customer site is the
> same garbage and not real content.
> How will search engines start adjusting for boiler-plate content that
> spoofs them into high rankings? There are more of these charletans
> every day.
> How do we assist them in identifying those sites?

You can report all of them as spam in one go...


This ensures or at least motivates someone (not a crawler) to have a look and
judge the site from a human perspective. Remain succinct and punctual. Give
pointers to the vilest violations.

Best wishes,


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