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Re: textpattern

__/ [ David ] on Sunday 09 April 2006 00:02 \__

> On 7 Apr 2006 05:13:41 -0700, support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>We have a large static website with good google rankings for selected
>>keywords. However, one of our developers wants to move to using
>>Textpattern  - the content management software.

Any move to a CMS is a wise one, it seems.

>> Would this have an
>>adverse effect on our rankings?

Try to keep the old URL's in tact or else they may break. If you do a staged
URL migration, do so carefully as to avoid duplicate content.

> I've tried Textpattern and the end result is search engine friendly,
> so it's not a bad choice for an easy optimised static website, will
> take your static pages and put them into a database making them easier
> to update templates etc...

There may be plugins available, which add some meta content. This improves
your site from an SEO perspective. I haven't any experience with this, but
it's available for WordPress.

>>We need to know whether it would be easier or harder for the googlebot
>>to crwal the site and exactly how does it do it if the page viewed is
>>actually creaetd on the fly?
> Since Textpattern uses mod_rewrite Googlebot won't see dynamic URLs,
> so in this case it's not even an issue. That said the major search
> engines can spider dynamic looking URLs, so they are not a barrier to
> spidering in themselves anyway. If you can avoid dynamic looking URLs
> though you should.

The generation of URL's and the underlying process is transparent (a 'black
box' situation rather) to the crawler. Of your Web server is overloaded,
however, pages will take longer to be delivered. This will have search
engines assume that they interfere and crawling /may/ slow down.

>> Any advice would be great.
> Textpattern though very good lacks a usable template system (it really
> sucks big time, takes ages to add a template and you can only use one
> at a time!!). Take a look at Wordpress instead, it does basically the
> same thing as Textpattern (and other things), but has a much better
> template system in place and thousands of templates you can adapt to
> your needs. You can upload hundreds of templates to Wordpress and test
> them in seconds, to see if the look is what you want, with Textpattern
> you'd have retired years earlier to test 100 templates (not kidding).
> Never thought I'd be praising Wordpress which is a blogging tool :-)

It is used increasingly as a CMS tool as well. It continues to improve.

>> <snip />

Best wishes,


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