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Re: How much time ?

__/ [ Borek ] on Friday 07 April 2006 08:27 \__

> On Fri, 07 Apr 2006 09:08:16 +0200, tigru <tigru79@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I`ve looked , searched on the internet , google.groups and didn`t found
>> a post about the time that requiers google to index a page. Can someone
>> tell how much time has to pass before google can index a page ? How
>> this works ! Can someone explain this to me ?
> In my experience between a week and 6 months. There is no set answer to
> this question. Get some links from quality sites to your page and it will
> be spidered and indexed in in a week or two. Don't waste time to submit
> your page Google.

I fully agree. For any search that is fed by the latest of the Web, news
services like Yahoo News and Google News should be used. Rather than crawl,
they harvest feeds or are being delivered (push rather than pull) fresh
content that is indexed separately.

> Although Google slowed down lately - I have made a "skeletal" site for my
> neighbour and linked it just like I did before from two PR4 pages - it is
> over a week and Google have not visited yet. In Dec and Feb exactly the
> same technique for two other sites worked in in less then 48 hours.

For quicker indexing, use XML sitemaps or, more generally, take advantage of
RSS feeds. For the latest of pages (as opposed to news), none of the major
search engines is at the cutting edge. They are catching up though, by
offering new services.

Best wishes,


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