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Re: Very, very quiet again for emails...

__/ [ Borek ] on Wednesday 05 April 2006 08:38 \__

> On Wed, 05 Apr 2006 08:54:19 +0200, Big Bill <kruse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Loads of my regular emails just don't seem to be arriving. Hardly any
>> spam, hardly any anything, basically. My outgoing is through ntl and
>> my incoming goes first through Demon and both their status pages say
>> everything is both okey and dokey, yet I can't help feeling that
>> there's some giant bottleneck somewhere. And this is still just me,
>> yeah, no-one else seeing anything? I'm just talking about emails and
>> newsgroups, traffic continues to improve (tra-la-la!).
> Check if they have not installed some new spam filter. I had problems with
> Stacey mails last year due to spam filtering at host server so I switched
> it off. Now I have 200 rollexes daily filtered off on my computer.
> Best,
> Borek

SpamAssassin is excellent and can be tweaked to cull out anything you detest.
It never had any false positives (for me) in over a year, so consider this a
kind recommendation. SA is free and it comes with Apache.

Spam rose tremendously in the past week or two, at least over here.
Compromised Windows box account for ~80% of the spam, as usual. It's
frustrating. I can no longer even check the queue because it's too time
consuming, so let's hope somebody does _something_. *sigh*

Best wishes,


Roy S. Schestowitz 
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