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Re: When is a Hit not a Hit?

__/ [ Harlan Messinger ] on Wednesday 05 April 2006 17:56 \__

> Terry Pinnell wrote:
>> Quite often when googling I click one of the purported hits only to
>> find that the page doesn't contain the keyword I specified. Take a
>> concrete example. I wanted to find a program suggested for erasing CD
>> or DVD discs. My google search target was [download cleandisk cd dvd].
>> I got this list of results
>> One result on the first screen was this:
>> www.span.com -
>> EXE? or ?CLEANDISK.EXE?. ? Microsoft Windows NT, 95A, DOS are limited
>> in that they
>> ... For this reason CD and DVD devices should always be slaved
>> wherever ...
>> www.span.com/catalog/technical_faq.php - 89k - Cached - Similar pages
>> On clicking the top link, I got to
>> http://www.span.com/catalog/technical_faq.php
>> But I can find neither 'cleandisk' nor for that matter the phrase 'CD
>> and DVD'.
>> I also tried of clicking 'Cached', but that made no difference.
>> What is happening to cause this please?
> When you click "Cached", see if, at the bottom of the cache message at
> the top of the page, it says "These terms only appear in links pointing
> to this page ...". If so, it means just that: Google will return pages
> for terms that appear on another web page in a link that points to the
> page returned.

Look up the term 'anchor text'. It is used as context to infer content based
on citation. Pages like to mask their real content to 'steal rank', but
doing so through third-parties is harder. It's like a voting mechanism.

Hope it helps,


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