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Re: SuSE on a laptop

__/ [ William Poaster ] on Friday 28 April 2006 13:32 \__

> It was on Fri, 28 Apr 2006 08:58:21 +0100 when Roy Schestowitz posted
> this:
>> __/ [ Malware Magnet ] on Friday 28 April 2006 07:37 \__
>>> On 2006-04-28, Jim Moore <james@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> This thing ROCKS! Installed SuSE 9.2 off of the DVD, took 24 minutes
>>>> for the default Desktop install. Only other additions were the rest of
>>>> the games and xchat, then I hooked up and pulled the updates. 12
>>>> minutes for those. Only thing I've not done yet is configure a DVD
>>>> player app, but there's no rush for that.
>>>> ATI Radeon Mobile graphics: 1400x1050, autodetected, tho I had to force
>>>> 3D support.
>>>> Intel AC97 sound: automatic, sounds good Intel LAN: auto, very stable
>>>> ACPI/S2D: very good, bit slow when it comes to resuming, but it's still
>>>> quicker than a cold start. Worked both times I've used it so far as
>>>> well. Lid event doesn't work yet, haveta figure something out for that.
>>>> Even with only 256MB RAM, this thing still pisses all over the P4m I'm
>>>> about to wipe Wintendo off of and leave it single-booting Debian.
>>> Please forgive me if this is old news to you... but adding Packman to
>>> your list of Installation Resources is really helpful when installing
>>> various applications. There is a How To at the following URL (of course
>>> you'll want to adjust accordingly for your version of SUSE).
>>> http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/feature/16592.html
>>> HTH and have fun!
>> Something tells me that SuSE is /probably/ the second most popular
>> distribution on the laptop, only topped by Ubuntu. Novell are providing
>> documentation with instructions for a variety of laptops, for those where
>> manual intervention is needed and somebody else did the 'homework'. Try
>> searching Novell.com for your laptop model if you ever want to read about
>> somebody else's experience. Then, of course, there is the Linux on the
>> Laptop Web site.
>> Best wishes,
>> Roy
> As a sort of aside, according to the poll here:
> So far, SuSE is the most popular distro in 2006!
> Ubuntu 21%
> Mandriva 2%
> SuSE 27%
> Fedora 22%
> Debian 11%
> Gentoo 1%
> Slackware 5%
> Others 5%

Don't forget that SuSE is an enterprise-type distribution. Most frequently,
in the commercial scene you have desktops, servers, and routers. Laptops are
more of a personal property which people take home and have full ownership
of. Ubuntu addresses these needs. It is also not particularly aimed at tasks
like Web hosting although Ubuntu for servers exists (something to that
effect) and you can also install the needed packages as a type of addon,
through Synaptic. I guess that Ubuntu is, after all, Linux for the Human
Being. Only a week ago, the guy who sat next to me at the airport was using
Ubuntu on his laptop.

Best wishes,


PS - Ubuntu is good with Wi-Fi as well, which for most/all modern laptops is
rather standard.

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