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Re: [News] DELL to Sell Linux Laptops!

__/ [ Jim Moore ] on Friday 28 April 2006 03:12 \__

> Paul Hovnanian P.E. wrote:
>> Jim Moore wrote:
>>> Paul Hovnanian P.E. wrote:
>>> > Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> >>
>>> > [snip]
>>> >>
>>> >> I once worked on the following mockup as a joke...
>>> >>
>>> >> http://schestowitz.com/Amusement/images/dell-linux.jpg
>>> >
>>> > I guess I don't understand the 'mockup as a joke' bit ...

It's just the sticker that I changed.

>>> > http://www.hovnanian.com/images/laptop.jpg

It looks like a scanner on the right hand side...

>>> is that a Latitude L400?
>> Lattitude LS. An old beast I picked up at Boeing surplus in near mint
>> condition when they upgraded their Windows systems. It runs the stuff I
>> need: Apache, MySQL (with a few multi-million record databases),
>> Eclipse, plus some proprietary apps. I guess it was too slow for some
>> Boeing manager to run IE and keep up with the Dilbert strip online.

"Boeing manager", you say? Maybe "strip Dilbert online".

> yeah, thought it looked familiar. I got an L400 (currently running a
> semi-broken Knoppix/Debian 3.6. It's the one I use to break apps when I'm
> bored, I just happened to break the wrong thing and bollixed up the whole
> install. Still figuring out what I broke and  how to fix it). Apart from
> that, sweet little subnote.

Ubuntu will handle the resources fairly well, I imagine. It makes life
simpler as well.

Best wishes,


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