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Re: Is kpilot the worst?

__/ [ ANC ] on Thursday 27 April 2006 21:18 \__

> I have more problems with kpilot 3.5.x and my Palm Zire 21 than any other
> application in my entire Debian Sid machine. I have an up-to-date udev and
> hal. On may occasions kpilot works OK. But often it won't sync. And what is
> worse is that I can't close it without using the ctl-alt-esc
> "skill/crossbones' to close the window.... and after that it won't start
> correctly... comes up and hangs. The only real solution is to restart KDE
> (ctl-alt-bkspace) and do the whole thing again in hopes that this time it
> works.
> I've tried all sorts of combinations of first starting the sync on the Palm
> and then starting kpilot... and vice versa. Nothing seems consistant. It's
> a hit or miss thing as whether I can sync.
> I notice that sometimes udev assigns the Palm to /dev/ttyUSB5 or 6 , etc.
> and I go into root and delete  them and start again since kpilot looks
> for /dev/pilot (synlinked to dev/ttyUSB..x).
> Is there any alternative to using kpilot to update/sync the Kaddressbook.
> Maybe pilot-link or something manual? I like Kaddressbook better than
> Jpilot (which also does not sync well with the new udev).
> I'm an old hand at Linux and KDE and I have to say that kpilot is Linux at
> its WORST.
> Makes me want to junk Linux and buy a Mac!!! :-)
> Thanks,
> Al

I could never get KPilot to /properly/ interoperate with the
KOrganiser/KMail/KAddress bundle. It was very inconsistent and not quite so
predictable. I had a fairly OK experience with gpilot. Ultimately, I use the
Palm conduits to just copy all my files to the hard-drive and toss copies of
the memos to local files on the home directory, under /MyMemos.

Overall, I agree that KPilot adds no glamour to Linux, but it works once you
get used to it. I still use an old(er) version of SuSE, mind you. On the
positive side of things, setting up the Palm was a snap. The wizard did all
the work and no additional software needed to be installed. All was mint out
of the box and I never lose any data.

Best wishes,


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