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Re: Firefox to Overtake Internet Explorer by the End of 2007

__/ [ Michael B. Trausch ] on Friday 28 April 2006 01:08 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote in <1907484.6rdr6b6CmC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> on Thu April
> 27 2006 02:26:
> [snip]
>>> One of the more successful Microsoft marketing campaigns, apparently,
>>> is to play "hide the competition".
>> ...Which a monopoly status on the desktop (i.e. user-facing) makes
>> easy(ier) to sustain. Marketing remains a strength at Microsoft, which
>> goes back to the days of DOS (see https://netfiles.uiuc.edu/rhasan/linux/
>> ). Fortunately, Google is used as a Web gateway, which makes the
>> competition harder to hide. That's why Microsoft are desperate to reach a
>> state of search engine information. The Web to many equals
>> search-and-follow, equals information. That said, microsoft.com bought a
>> top banner for the search phrase 'linux'. Disinformation in action!
> Ugh.  That's horrible.  "Independent" Windows vs. Linux data... What a
> crock...

It has become common for words (AdWords) to be sold to a company where these
words ought to belong to its direct competition. There have been lawsuits
over this:


,----[ Quote ]
| The company behind US cash-advance firm Check 'n Go has sued Google for
| selling its trademarks as keywords in search advertising, according to
| the Cincinnati Enquirer. Such sales do not breach Google?s own policy for
| the US and Canada.

Here's a fresh one from yesterday:


,----[ Quote ]
| An Israeli women's fashion chain has sued Google Israel for
| allegedly allowing a rival company to use its trademark in bidding
| on search-related ads, according to an article in EETimes.

Information and truths can be bought; or altered.

Best wishes,


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