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Re: Firefox to Overtake Internet Explorer by the End of 2007

  • Subject: Re: Firefox to Overtake Internet Explorer by the End of 2007
  • From: The Ghost In The Machine <ewill@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 15:00:08 GMT
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: EarthLink Inc. -- http://www.EarthLink.net
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In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Roy Schestowitz
on Thu, 27 Apr 2006 07:26:56 +0100
> __/ [ The Ghost In The Machine ] on Wednesday 26 April 2006 22:00 \__
>> In comp.os.linux.advocacy, dapunka@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> <dapunka@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>  wrote
>> on 26 Apr 2006 12:43:32 -0700
>> <1146080612.171389.174410@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>>Firefox to overtake Internet Explorer by Dec-2007
>>>>,----[ Quote ]
>>>>| So it seems that not only has the percentage of Firefox users been
>>>>| increasing for the last 2.5 year but the rate of increase in the
>>>>| percentage of users has also been increasing.
>>> That's all good and promising, but what's really needed is for many
>>> more people to _try_ Firefox.
>>> In my Windows using days, I used only Internet Explorer for an awfullt
>>> long time, basically because it was the only browser I'd really heard
>>> of. Then, one day, a colleague showed me his Opera. I thought it was
>>> great, got a copy for myself, and never went IE again.
>>> Then, when I went to Ubuntu, Firefox was the default browser, and now I
>>> can't imagine using anything else; even if I had to return to Windows,
>>> I'd still use the Fox. It pisses all over IE _and_ Opera. It doesn't
>>> surprise me at all that users are steadily migrating to it.
>> Opera is available on Linux, if you really want.  Works reasonably well.
> Works _perfectly_ well over here.
> Installation of Opera on Linux is simpler than installation of Opera on
> Windows. It's a drag-and-drop job. Firefox and Thunderbird likewise. It's
> similar to OS X in that respect.

I can't say it's "drag and drop" over here, but then, I've never
been that much of a fan thereof; but a simple 'emerge opera', and
I'm there.

The text equivalent, perhaps. :-)

>> I'll agree that Firefox is one of the better browsers out there though
>> it's hard for me to switch from Epiphany.  :-)  But Epiphany is built on
>> a Gecko/Mozilla engine anyway; the main issue for me would be bookmarks.
> What about extensions? I use over 20 at the moment and I can't
> imagine living without most of them. I use Opera only for
> testing of WordPress.

Not that familiar with extensions, myself.  Plugins, yes.

>> But Firefox handles SVG *very* nicely.  It's one of the few browsers
>> that gets it more or less right. :-)
>>> But if people don't try it, they'll never know that  they want it.
>>> Before my colleague introduced me to Opera, I wasn't even aware there
>>> are better browsers than IE.
>> One of the more successful Microsoft marketing campaigns, apparently,
>> is to play "hide the competition".
> ...Which a monopoly status on the desktop (i.e. user-facing) makes easy(ier)
> to sustain. Marketing remains a strength at Microsoft, which goes back to
> the days of DOS (see https://netfiles.uiuc.edu/rhasan/linux/ ). Fortunately,
> Google is used as a Web gateway, which makes the competition harder to hide.
> That's why Microsoft are desperate to reach a state of search engine
> information. The Web to many equals search-and-follow, equals information. 
> That said, microsoft.com bought a top banner for the search phrase 'linux'.
> Disinformation in action!

Yep, and it points to their "Get The Facts" subsection.


Gosh, what a surprise.  The good news: I think I gave Google some ad
revenue. :-)  (One click's worth, anyway.)

>>> Awareness is the key. Maybe there are parts of Linux that lack the
>>> polish of Windows - but software liked Firefox demonstrates clearly the
>>> difference between a real application and the toys Microsoft let its
>>> "customers" play with.
>> Profitable toys, from Microsoft's standpoint.  (Annoying toys, from
>> web developers'.)
> Exactly. It pulls innovation aback, too.

Until Microsoft says it's ready for tabbed browsing.  :-)  Then it
will "innovate" it. :-)

> Best wishes,
> Roy

#191, ewill3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Windows Vista.  Because it's time to refresh your hardware.  Trust us.

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