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Re: Apache Overtakes Microsoft for SSL

__/ [ Rex Ballard ] on Thursday 27 April 2006 14:13 \__

> It's nice to see the survey made public after so many years.
> It might be interesting to look into the nature of these SSL servers.
> As I recall, Microsoft was offering very low cost SSL certificates,
> with Microsoft as the CA, which was almost like no security at all.  It
> did give a nice illusion of security.
> Microsoft has also pressed very hard to have IIS servers made the
> "front" of several major corporations - often offering deep discounts
> on other Microsoft server licenses in exchange for making IIS the main
> gateway.
> The irony is that most of these servers were kept as dumb as possible -
> often functioning as proxies to Apache servers.
> It also looks like many of these servers were Windows NT 4.0 servers,
> as Microsoft discontinued support, there seems to be a trend to switch
> these servers to Apache.
> I'm curious as to the other approaches that were not included.  ModSSL,
> has been available for Apache as a plug-in, were these modified
> implementations counted?  Often, OpenSSL is used as the secure access
> which then redirects to the port 80 access - were those counted?
> Still, it's interesting that Microsoft's most aggressive efforts still
> stalled at just over 55% of the market, with the industry reverting
> back to Open Source alternatives, and the trend seems to be moving even
> more aggressively to Linux/Apache.

/Trend/, as you added, is probably the most important key point. The
double-digit-per-quarter growth of Linux is yet another example -- one which
immediately springs to mind.

Widely-accepted economic literature would suggest that a business is always
growing is shrinking. It rarely, if ever, stands still. Open Source is
currently striding on expansion, which in itself is a psychlogical drive
that adds to momentum and gets people talking to peers.

Best wishes,


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